Travel tattoo ideas that will leave you inspired!

Tattoos mean many things to different people- some think of their body as a canvas and hence tattoo their art, some think of it as a memory and some even have negative connotation with tattoos. However, they definitely are one of the most personal expression of one’s being, their experiences and emotions. After all, it’s a permanent mark that stays with you and in many ways defines you.

For all of you who have the wanderlust in you and dream of travelling the world, these travel themed tattoos from Travelers across the globe is definitely going to leave you inspired J

  1. The world is at my feet

This is our fellow traveler Angie Black’s tattoo.  

Her Story behind the tattoo: I’ve always had the wanderlust spirit running through my veins and this world map tattoo on my foot reminds me every day that the world is mine, “literally at my feet” and I can accomplish whatever I want to. Limitations are only in my mind and I am the only one who can make myself a free person. 

The world map is, as you can observe, in the opposite way we are used to see it. We all grew up looking at the same world map someone made long time ago but wait… The earth is orbed! That means I can make it spin and look at it from a different point of view! Everything will look different from another perspective.

travel tattoo ideas
The world is at my feet!

Travel Tattoos

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  1. Paper Plane

This tattoo is from Jessica who is an avid traveler and blogger herself.

Her Story behind the tattoo: I knew that I wanted a single needle, fine line, black and grey tattoo. They’re intricate, delicate and have more of a graphic design feel to them, which I’m all about. I kept coming across Bang Bang Tattoos, and then narrowed it down to Mr. K. He’s originally from Korea, so the fact that there was a global aspect of this process sold me even more.  This isn’t your typical basic B “oooh, wanderlust” tattoo. With me, there’s always a deeper level. 

The paper aspect: The paper of the paper airplane represents all of my life plans written on it, letting them go and accepting that things weren’t going to turn out the way I thought they were. Now, they could turn out even better.

The airplane aspect: When I was a child, my idea of success was a passport full of stamps and the memories that came with them. It didn’t matter how I got them; I just wanted to see the world. Everyone has a passion in life; visiting new countries and experiencing new cultures is what sets my soul on fire and energizes me. I couldn’t possibly imagine a future without it.

The paper airplane together: They remind me of my childhood, plain and simple. However, it is also a symbol of myself: I often feel that I’m just coasting through life not really sure where I’ll land or end up, but it’s been one helluva journey so far. 

Travel Tattoos
Paper Plane

Travel Tattoos

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  1. Give me wings to fly

This tattoo is from Karen that she got in China while living there as an expat.

Her story behind the tattoo: When my husband and I first moved our family to China 5.5 years ago, to become English teachers, it was the greatest adventure of our lives. I found that with each passing day, being away from my home country and the stress of my home culture, that I was finding my true self. I was learning to balance who I was and what I was expected to be. As a woman, it is easy to lose yourself after getting married and having children. I decided to get this Tai Chi (yin yang) symbol on the top of my foot to remind me that with each step I take there needs to be balance and beauty. ]

I am a huge nerd! I love to read, read, read! I am also a massive Mythology lover. One of the gods that has always suck out for me was Hermes. He is the messenger of the gods, but he is also the gods of the traveler. I’ve found that no matter where I roam, when I call on Hermes to guide and protect us, we always have a magnificent trip. We have been in some crazy situations and they have always worked out. I decided to honor the god by adding his wings to my wrists. I have 7 tattoos. These were the first ones I have ever gotten that didn’t hurt in the least. I did not even have pain the day after. There was virtually no peeling, no itching, nothing. It was as if they should have been there all along.   

Travel Tattoos
Give me wings!!

  1. Through Hardships

This is Priyam’s tattoo who was bit by the travel bug quite young and is a definite must follow blogger/ instagrammer and a very dear friend of mine.

Her story behind the tattoo: Tattoos have always fascinated me. And I was clear about what I wanted. Something small, with meaning and extremely personal.
I remember watching the movie Armageddon in the early 2000’s and recall reading the words ‘Ad Astra Per Aspera’ written on the plaque at Cape Canaveral, Florida that serves as a memorial to the crew of Apollo 1, who perished at the site. Ever since, those words have stayed with me.
Translating from Latin, they mean ‘Through hardships, to the stars’ and is a reminder of my belief in courage and perseverance. The font I chose was ‘Tengwar’ (commonly known as Elvish) which is a tribute to my love for the Lord of the Rings series.

Travel Tattoos

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  1. Serious Wanderlust:

These are my travel inspired tattoos.

My Story behind these tattoos: I’ve always been a huge fan of birds not because I like birdwatching or wildlife but because birds have always symbolized freedom to me. As a traveler I’ve always related very well to birds, spread my wings and take off to my destination like a free bird. That’s how I love to live my life. I have been called a freespirited bird quite often and hence both my tattoos have an element of wings and bird in them. Also, no bird could represent me better than a phoenix that represents “rising from the ashes” and hence that was my first tattoo about 10 years ago. It was and will always stay very special.

Travel Tattoos
“Rising from the ashes”

The second one is a globe with wings and it pretty much defines me as a person. I want to continue this journey and explore the unexplored and learning from people and cultures around the world.

Travel Tattoos

Hope you loved these inspiring stories. Do share your own tattoo story in comments.

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