MUNICH’s Breweries, Beers & Beer fests

Visiting Oktoberfest & visiting the famous Breweries has always topped my list when planning a trip to Munich. Somehow Oktoberfest has never happened & I’ve visited Munich 3 times now & I wonder why Oktoberfest is such a highlight of this city when it has so much more to offer. Let me take you through my beer journey & Munich.

Beer & I have a love hate relationship. And visiting Munich, exploring the Beer (Gardens, beers, culture, food pairing, etc) was on top of my list. And luckily enough, timing matched & I went to the Spring Beer festival- Fruhlingsfest  in Munich & did I love it or what 🙂

Springfest Beer Fest in Munich
Fruhlingfest in Munich, Germany

The Spring beerfest happens at the same venue as Oktoberfest, with same brew houses, same beer, just think of shrinking the crowds to a couple of thousands instead of a million.  They have 2 big beer tents, they still have the amusement park, the fireworks & live music. The ambiance is so Bavarian with people dressed in Lederhosen & Dirndl and the Traditional Bavarian music is plain badass. There are bands that perform everyday & the whole feel is so lively and exciting. I loved every part of being there.

Spring beerfest Munich
Spring beerfest

No visit to Munich is complete without trying local beers at the local Munich’s Breweries.

During my first visit, I headed to the world famous Hofbrauhaus. As soon as I got in, I was overwhelmed by the ambience inside- people singing, chatting, laughing, stuffing those huge beer glasses, it all made for a sight. And the setup of Hoffbrauhaus was like a Government building on the outside & inside. There were long wooden tables with wooden benches for people to sit. It was community seating style and very difficult to find a place to sit! I sat with a bunch of Italian teenage boys who were singing their national anthem aloud and having a ball of a time. I ordered my litre of Weiss Beer and another and some more till it got so packed that it took 15 mins to make a bathroom visit.

It’s located in a more commercial part of the city hence very touristy but I guess a good idea to pay a visit on your first trip to Munich for sure.

Hoffbrauhaus in Munich Germany Beer Garden


Over the years, I have learned that the locals skip the crowded Hofbrauhaus & I decided to check out the locally popular Augustiner instead. It is the oldest brewery in Munich I was told & clearly they took their craft of brewing rather seriously. I was also told by a local that the Brewery has been designated a historical monument. It has close proximity to the Oktoberfest venue & apparently there are horse carriages during Oktoberfest that take the barrels of beer, some ceremony of sortsJ Its an absolute must visit Brewery if you like your beer and food alike. The food here is also very Bavarian & you won’t be disappointed. I am Weiss beer drinker & Augustiner hands down won my vote for the best Weiss beer I’ve ever had.

Augustiner Brewery Munich Germany
Augustiner Brewery Munich Germany

The next Brewery on my list was Lowenbrau (means Lions Brew in German), which can house almost 1000 people shaded by Chestnut trees. They also have an alternative seating at the adjoining Beer hall. Lowenbrau has a huge screen where they play all big sporting events & it’s a sight when the Munich team is playing. And it is not as touristy as Hoffbrauhaus. Lowenbrau beer has been served at every single Oktoberfest in Munich since 1810 & its one of the 6 local Munich breweries represented at the fest.

Lowenbrau Brewery

Next on my list was Paulaner Brewhouse. Paulaner boosts of making some of the best Lagers in Germany. If you’re visiting the beer garden, make sure to ask for the Seasonal beers. They also let you take home some beer in bottles & you can bring them back for a refill on your next visit.

Paulaner Brewery Munich Germany

I have not been able to make it to the Oktoberfest and sure will try to squeeze it in my September plan in the coming years, but trust me Munich is worth a visit irrespective of the fest. The beautiful English Gardens, the Surfing in the city, museums and breweries.


Aditi Chauhan enjoying Weissbeir at Hoffbrauhaus
Aditi enjoying Weissbeir at Hoffbrauhaus

Until next time, PROST my friends!




25 thoughts on “MUNICH’s Breweries, Beers & Beer fests

  1. I love this post! I am from Munich and it’s always great to see foreigners enjoy my hometown! I love showing foreign friends around the city and we always stop by the Hofbräuhaus! I actually didn’t realize that the springfest is basically the same as the Oktoberfest only on a smaller scale! Did you wear a dirndl dress?

  2. I’ve been to Munich a couple of times before but have never been to a brewery! Next time I’ll definitely visit one. I might be going to Oktoberfest if I can find the time and money this year – it’s been on my bucketlist forever.

  3. I have never been to the Oktoberfest or other festivals in Munich but I have been to the Augustiner brewery and loved it! I discovered Weiss beer while living in Belgium and, like you, I am a fan 🙂

  4. So glad I ran into this post…thanks for putting this list together! I’m actually heading to Munich for Oktoberfest this year but it will be nice to check out some other famous spots as well.

  5. I am sure it is a heady experience, the nearest I got to Oktoberfest, was when in Switzerland a few years back. I could not participate for two reasons, i was on on packed official visit and I am a complete teetotaler.:)

  6. Oktoberfest is a lot of fun and a big event that attracts a lot of tourists. Going to Munich from Austria is easy and lots of countries are also adopting the tradition.

  7. We too wanted to visit the Oktoberfest as long as we are in Europe but unfortunately we could not make to it. We believe it would be great fun to be part of the crowd and taste the breweries.

  8. I’ve never been on any of the beer fests anywhere although I wanted to and still want to. Going on tasting those beers and enjoying the festive ambiance is something I really look forward to doing someday.

  9. It was always my dream do visit Bayern and Munich, not even because of the beer but also architecture. I’ve been to Octoberbest when I was in Vienna, but Viennese generally prefer wine and it’s not the same… But I know this beer Lowenbrau, it was very popular in Vienna pubs! I hope I will visit Munich one day too.

  10. I have never been to a beer fest before. Mostly because I have not found a beer that I enjoy and figure a festival is probably not the place to find the one I’d like because they would probably just be selling the most popular ones. I know many people who are really into beer fest though.

  11. I had no idea that Munich had a spring fest! I’ve sent a link to my boy friend who is beer mad. We went to a local beerfest at Hook Norton Brewery – which is the only victorian brewery left in the UK. It was very atmospheric in their beer cellar – now we just need to head for the real thing.

  12. We are big fans of trying the local beers whenever we travel across the world. It not only is a great way to enjoy the local culture, but offers some time off our feet during our busy travels.

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