Happiest countries list is out! How many have you visited?

To travel is so alluring to some people that their appetite for travel never gets rolled over. If you’re one of those, you must be a happy person. People who love to travel are more likely to stay happier. This is why you need to visit the happiest countries in the world. The latest report on the Happiest Countries in the World has been published that suggests what countries should be your priority while planning for the vacations this time. Let’s see the top 5 happiest countries of the world and check how many you have visited


If you’re a Denmark lover, you should be rejoicing right now as Denmark gained the first rank by replacing Switzerland. Out of the last 4 consecutive rankings, Denmark lost its first position only once in 2015. So, go for Hygge right away if you haven’t enjoyed the literal meaning of happiness.

Happiest countries in the world
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As an Indian, thanks to Yash Raj films we have loved Switzerland. And it could be the very first choice when planning for an international trip. Also, the snowy mountaineering, hiking and skiing can lure you to the world of dreams. Switzerland topped the ranking in 2015 but slipped to the 2nd place in 2016.

Happiest Countries in the world
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Famous for its geothermal springs, swimming pools, and the vibrant Blue Lagoon, Iceland ranks 3rd this year in the list of Happiest Countries in the World after Switzerland and Denmark. Grab happiness at every door by sharing moments with the locals.

Happiest countries in the world
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Have you ever been to Norway, the fourth happiest country in the world? What makes it stand at this rank? Its sensible and hardworking people who embrace everything with passion, making it a great destination to visit. There are quality restaurants, exciting surfing and lots of fun stuff to do in Norway.

Happiest countries in the world
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Standing on the 5th place this year, Finland should be on your list when you want to embrace happiness really existing among the happier people. Experiencing Northern Lights in the season while enjoying dinner at the ice igloos would be a life time experience to have.

Happiest countries in the world
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Next to this list of top 5 happiest countries we have Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden on the drop down to the 10th position.

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