A guide to Bangalore (Off the beaten path)

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When in Bangalore, don’t forget to try these “off the beaten path” activities:

– Pub Crawl across 100 ft Road Indiranagar- Start with Toit and then head to 3dots & a dash, followed by Mothercluckers & then Humming Tree and Hangover and Black Rabbit and Big Kahuna and then News Café and so on. This street will never disappoint in terms of options.

Guide to Bangalore
Pub hopping in Bangalore

– Want to cook?  Check out what Slurp Studio is cooking this weekend & book yourself a seat!

Trying my hands at cooking at Slurp Studio
Trying my hands at cooking at Slurp Studio

– Heritage Tour at the Taj Westend: Did you know that the Taj Westend is the oldest running hotel in India. They have a Heritage Walk followed by a high tea on most evenings. It’s a beautiful walk down the history lane.

Taj Westend Heritage Tour
Taj Westend Heritage Tour

– Drive to Nandi Hills on the outskirts of the city early in the morning, try to catch the sunrise if you can. And then you can head to Prestige Golfshire for a beautiful view and yummy lunch.

Prestige Golfshire
Prestige Golfshire

– Although, India doesn’t boost of the best wines in the world, you can surely enjoy a Vineyard tour at Grovers on the outskirts of Bangalore and learn about their wine preparation methods, storage and also try a variety of their wines.

Where to eat

Famous Restaurants to visit:
– Karavalli at the Gateway Hotel: It offers a slice of Kerala Coastal cuisine on your plate
– WindMill Craftworks: With colonial style interiors, it’s a classy place for good food, freshly brewed beer & good entertainment. Caters to the expat taste buds.
– Dum Pukht Jolly Nababs: This is the North Indian restaurant in ITC Windsor
– Smoke House Deli: Continental cuisine with lovely ambience & great food
– The Fatty Bao: Mood for some Pan Asian- head right to Fatty Bao to experience their excellent food & delicious food
– Bengaluru Oota Company: This is a relatively new place that opened up a few months ago. The concept is family style eating where you need to book a day in advance & they cook specifically for you. They serve the local Gowda cuisine which is not very commonly found in the city.

Cheaper but yummier options:
– Rajdhani: An eat all you can North Indian restaurant displaying traditional cultural ambience & food
– MTR- Traditional South India Breakfast place with historical relevance
– Corner House: Bangalore’s old & signature Ice Cream shop with the yummiest signature dishes like Death by Chocolate
– Barbeque Nation: Eat all you can barbeque option with great food at a reasonable rate
– Koshy’s: One of the oldest Banagalore eateries located at MG Road has maintained it’s old architecture and ambience but continues to serve the yummiest breakfast

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