Father Daughter getaway ideas this Father’s Day

Wondering what to do this fathers day?

This fathers day skip the socks, jocks, belts and the tie for your dad & instead plan a father daughter getaway. Honestly, we know that he can buy what he wants, it’s the quality time that you spend with him at a place of common interest that is going to make the celebration memorable.

Whatever your dad’s interest, there’s a perfect “day” activity for both of you to let loose & enjoy each other’s company.

  • Beer/ Wine Tasting: If your dad is anything like mine and loves his alcohol, make his day by taking him to a local brewery/ vineyard tour/ tasting event. And if he is adventurous, go for a cocktail mixology, learn some & make some of your own & down it too. Trust me he will let loose & you’ll bond really well. This is definitely one of my favourite activities especially because I’ve taken after my dad when it comes to the love for alcohol 🙂
Brewery Tour with Dad
Brewery Tour with Dad
  • Golf: If golfing is something your dad has always wanted but doesn’t find the time/ company or some other reason, this fathers day hire a PGA instructor for a series of Golf lessons for yourself & your dad. A perfect way to spend the day with your dad while you learn a new skill.
Prestige Golfshire
Golf trip at Prestige Golfshire
  • Sporting Event: If your dad is a sports addict, tickets to his favourite sport event will be an instant hit with him. An upgrade to the preferred stands will be a bonus. This is your mom’s spa treatment equivalent for your dad. He is going to love it.
At the Cricket Stadium with Father (in- law)
At the Cricket Stadium with Father (in- law)
  • Auto Freak? : Try and contact your local car clubs to find out if there is a vintage car show happening. If there isn’t any, rent a luxury car for a day and hit the road with your dad for a long drive, a beer & some good food. If he’s an auto freak, he will really appreciate this gesture plus you will get to hear all his growing up fun roadtrip stories! The other option, if that is his thing, you could consider booking a plane simulator/ flying class with him.
Image Courtesy: http://geekstroke.com/
Image Courtesy: http://geekstroke.com/
  • Cooking together: Dad’s aren’t usually associated with cooking/ kitchen. But some of them really would love to try their hands at cooking. Book a cooking workshop with your dad for his favourite cuisine so you bond over cooking some good food & also cherish it later. You’ve given him something to boost about among all his friends. Don’t forget to take pictures of all your hardwork.
Trying my hands at cooking at Slurp Studio
At cooking workshop
  • Lazing by the beach: If your dad is a beach bum & loves the ‘Sun & Sand’, take the flights to your closest beach destination and book a fancy beach resort so you can sun bathe on that hammock while you enjoy the beautiful view, chilled beer and some hearty conversations. Absolutely works like magic!
Beach Vacation with dad
Beach Vacation with dad
  • Adrenaline Rush: If he’s an adrenaline junkie, try to find a paragliding course. Or plan a skydive/ scuba dive/ bungee jumping.
  • Art & Culture: If he is into Art, plan a visit to a gallery or check out the plays happening in your city. Check out if there are any Paint nights happening, they are great way to bond while doing something fun!
Art time with dad
Art time
  • Pottery Class: If he is the “Maker” types & loved his DIY projects, pottery will be the perfect getaway with your dad this Father’s day. He would love trying it has hand at it!

Hope these tips & getaway ideas help you. I’d love you hear what you think & if it worked.

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