Fancy Surfing in the middle of the city? Visit Munich

Scared of jellyfish & the sharks? But still love to surf? Bavarian capital, Munich has just the answer for you. Let’s explore more about Munich Surfing!

The Eisbach is a small man- made river, about 2 kms long in the middle of the city. It flows through the beautiful English Gardens and is a small channel of the Isar river.

River Surfing In Munich

The closest coast from Munich is about 500 kms away but that did not stop this brilliant group of surfers from bringing the waves into their city. I was told by locals that Munich is the birthplace for river surfing & has been hosting River Surfing championships for years now. It all started in the 70’s when a small group attached tow ropes to the bridge that crossed the Eisbach. They would use these ropes to create the wave & try to emulate the ocean surfers. For a long time, because of its dangerous nature, it was illegal to surf in this river. But, in 2010 it became legal & now you see anywhere between 20- 50 surfers each day.

Fancy Surfing in the middle of the city? Visit Munich Fancy Surfing in the middle of the city? Visit Munich

There are 2 most popular spots- Haus der Kunst (The Pro spot), this is the spot that flows out of a tunnel under a bridge. But this is strictly for professionals as the rock is only 40 cm below the surface & one must be trained & careful to surf here. You usually see locals & tourists standing on the bridge & enjoying the view of surfers in the river.

Fancy Surfing in the middle of the city? Visit Munich :

The Beginners spot, Flossande is a little further up the river & not as dangerous.  But, no I did not have the courage to get into the cold water and surf, I was rather happy, enjoying my view & sat by the garden admiring the surfers.

If you are visiting Munich, make sure to stop by here.

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  1. Good thing, isn’t it, that various ways are being thought of by the authorities for people to gain all kinds of experiences ? And good thing that an ace blogger like you, is making an effort in bringing this great stuff out in the open for people to know. Happy travels 🙂

    1. Hey Shaunak. Thankyou for your kind words. And yes, like you said, it’s a great thing the authorities are being thoughtful to bring experiences for their people. Happy Travels to you too.

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