About me

Hello there, thank you for stopping by!

I am Aditi Chauhan, a Corporate Marketer by the day (And ya I’m a workaholic & guess what I love my job :-)) and I happen to have a compulsive itch to travel the world & make the best of my time outside work. Long weekends, vacation days are my best friends (Did someone say Christmas is here!!)

I started traveling pretty young & I never realized when the travel bug bit me. I love meeting locals, eating local food, experiencing life like I never have before & it is these experiences that make me the person I am.

Solo Travel across Europe & South East Asia, road trip of 6000 kms through West & North India, scuba diving in Mauritius, living with the locals in Eastern Europe, gambling in Las Vegas, drinking rice beer with headhunter tribes in NorthEast India, bathing at the Russian banya’s, eating weird insects in China, chugging beer at German beer fest, dancing with the flamenco dancers in Spain, biking across Amsterdam, driving across Florida, hiking up the Citadella in Budapest, soaking up the sun on Balinese beaches, channeling my inner child at the Disney Land in Orlando, Hongkong & SG, living the English life in London,  I’ve tried to explore and make memories one trip at a time. And that’s why I don’t call myself a backpacker but an Experiential Traveler. 

I realized its worth sharing my story of how “NOT” to quit your job & travel. Wandering Passport is documenting my travel stories and hopefully inspiring you to pack your bags & hit the road 🙂

Aditi Chauhan
Aditi enjoying rice beer with local friends in Nagaland

Hope you enjoy the ride with me.